How many drivers are in your database?
With over 4 Million Drivers, we pride ourselves in having one of the largest driver databases. DriverHound has audio & sound drivers, display drivers, graphics adapters, network adapters, printers, scanners, modem, input devices, camera, storage devices, optical devices, SCSI devices, chipset's and more. As new drivers are released, DriverHound's database continues to grow !

Do I receive updates for DriverHound?
Yes. Each time DriverHound loads it checks automatically for a newer version. If there is a newer version available, you can update your existing version Absolutely Free !

Can I transfer DriverHound to another computer?
Absolutely. If you get a newer computer and would like to transfer DriverHound, we make it easy. In fact, DriverHound even gives you the tools to transfer drivers from one computer to another.

How much is DriverHound?
The cost of DriverHound varies according to the number of computers you wish to register. Select a DriverHound Plan that best fits your needs. Discounts are also offered to customers who wish to upgrade their account.

How is DriverHound different from other driver updater programs?
DriverHound is the only program that fully automates driver updating. DriverHound will scan, download, and install out-of-date drivers found on your computer. Other applications require that you manually download/install each driver. DriverHound can also be configured to be fully autonomous. Now you can ensure that your computer will be current with the latest driver for your devices !

How long is DriverHound good for?
A DriverHound subscription is good for one year. At the end of your subscription however, you can renew DriverHound for a discounted rate.

Does DriverHound renew automatically?
No, we do not charge your card automatically. At the end of your subscription, you will be asked if you would like to renew. We do NOT store credit card information, and you will be asked to re-enter it at the time of your renewal.

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